1. All park model/RV are to be kept in good condition and maintained by Lovesick Lake Park standards. All Seasonal Occupants are responsible for the general upkeep of the Park Model/ RV and the cleanliness of the site. If park model/RVs do not meet the standards of the resort in terms of condition, general standards and safety, a written notice will be sent to the Seasonal Occupant giving 7 days’ notice to rectify the situation Management has the right to enter the site and RV to address the cleanliness/site standards. In the event, that any Lovesick Lake Park staff must enter the site to correct the site standards, $150 + materials/labor costs will be charged to the Seasonal Occupant’s account. If the Site Standards are still not met, then Management reserves the right to terminate the License of Occupation Agreement.
  2. Construction is only permitted with approval from the office. All Florida rooms must be purchased through the office. Decks, sheds, satellite dishes, dartboards etc. location must be approved by the office. Any wiring to shed must be in accordance to electrical safety codes.
  3. All approved renovations, including deck building, hard roof and Florida room construction require a building permit from the Township of Selwyn before any work can commence. A copy of the building permit must be submitted to Management prior to commencing. A copy of the permit must be visible at the site during construction. All decks and sheds must follow Ontario Building codes.
  4. Maintenance work on park model/RVs is only to be carried out by contractors approved by Lovesick Lake Park. All contractors working on the resort are required to meet the Health and Safety, TSSA, CSA, ESA and WSIB regulations and must also present insurance liability certificate with $1,000,000 coverage to Management. In certain instances, work may be carried out by the Seasonal Occupant or his/her immediate family with the Owner’s written consent.
  1. NEW AND USED TRAILERS FOR SALE: Must be listed and sold through Lovesick Lake Park. NO FOR SALE signs permitted. NO reimbursement of park fees.
  2. PUMP OUTS: are every Thursday. 12  pumpouts a year are included, additional regularly scheduled pumpouts for nominal fee. System must be in perfect working order or pump out will stop until it is fixed. Extra pump outs must be requested before 1pm and NO SUNDAYS. Tags must be in box by 8 am Thursday.
  3. TREES: nothing on the trees, no clothes lines or lights. Do not cut anything on your site, all living vegetation is cut by Lovesick Lake Park staff only. Park is not responsible for branches in front of satellite dishes.
  4. GARBAGE: Large articles must be cleared through office; removal charges will apply. Smile, you are on camera. All metal  items may be placed into the metal bin at no charge.  If it doesn't fit in a regular size gabage bag please see the office.
  5. PETS: must be registered in office. Vaccinated, quiet and on a leash always. Not allowed on the beach. Swimming allowed at boat launch. Dogs must be kept on a leash always and should not foul the public areas of the park. Non-compliance means your pet will not be welcome in the park.
  6. LEAVES: must be bagged for pick up.
  7. FIRE AND WOOD: Fires from 3pm to 12pm. Hardwood only, small fires, minimum smoke. If a fire is disturbing a neighbor at any time, the fire must be extinguished. No unattended fires. Do not burn garbage or leaves.
  8. QUIET TIME: 11 pm to 8 am (radios OFF at all times after 11pm) NO DISTURBANCE OF NEIGHBOURS. Mowers, power tools may be used from 11am to 5 pm, NO SUNDAYS.
  9. GREY WATER: must be in ground and covered.
  10. SKIRTING OF TRAILER; All trailers/sunrooms must be completely skirted.
  11. SECURITY GATE CARDS: Gate cards for owner use only.Maximun 2 cards per site. Loaning of cards to anyone else will lead to deactivation.  
  12. SWIMMING AREAS; Swim at own risk.
  13. POSSESSION OR USE OF FIREWORKS IS PROHIBITATED AT ALL TIMES.  Violators will be immediaely terminated.


  1.  If you operate a powered watercraft in Canada, it is Canadian Law to carry the Pleasure Craft Operator Card, often referred to as a boat license. All watercraft must obey the rules of the water as set forth by Canadian Safe Boating Regulations, Acts, and Codes. Unsafe operation of any watercraft by Seasonal Occupant(s) or their guests will result in removal from Lovesick Lake Park.
  2. All watercrafts must be registered and a copy of valid proof of $1,000,000 public liability insurance must be provided annually.
  3. Youth under 16 years of age may not operate a personal watercraft (PWC) under any circumstances in the Province of Ontario.
  4. ATV’s, UTV’s, or other such gas-powered vehicles are NOT permitted at Lovesick Lake Park. 
  5. People using motor bikes should have their bikes parked during their stay and not use them for leisure tours of the park.  Helmets are required in accordance with the Highway Traffic Act.
  6. Repairs and maintenance of cars, boats or any other vehicles are not permitted at Lovesick Lake Park.
  7. Canoes and Paddle Boats: Docking on waterfront must use canoe rack or acquire a boat slip (see rate sheet)
  8. Boat & Box Trailers must be taken off site and stored in gated compound



  1. To be consumed on site only and at organized park functions it must be out of sight.
  2. Glass bottles or glass containers are not permitted on any of our beaches.
  3. Any drunken/intoxicated or disorderly behavior and illegal activity including the use of illegal drugs will be reported to the Police and will result in eviction from the park.



  1. All persons found on the property without granted access will be evicted immediately.
  2. No animals, other than dogs and cats, may occupy park models/RVs without written permission of the Owner. Lovesick Lake Park management reserves the right to identify a dog as dangerous when the dog behaves in a manner that poses a menace to the safety of persons or other dogs and/or bites or attacks any person or dog within the park. No dangerous dogs should be kept at the park and any dogs deemed to be a danger by management must be removed.
  3. Lovesick Lake Park is in a rural area and is predominantly a campground setting in which the Seasonal Occupants share a natural habitat with wildlife including skunks, raccoons, etc. Lovesick Lake Park recommends taking precautionary steps to protect your park model/RV from being damaged by these animals. Seasonal Occupants should not feed the wildlife. Lovesick Lake Park at no time shall be liable for any damages caused by these animals to a park model/RV under any circumstances. Lovesick Lake Park is NOT responsible for the removal or costs associated with pest/animal control of wildlife, bees, mice, rats, raccoons, etc. of the Seasonal Occupant’s site or park model/RV.
  4. All Seasonal Occupants are required to comply with any instructions from the Owners of Lovesick Lake Park regarding restrictions on watering which may be necessary from time to time. Clothes lines are not permitted on any site. A portable clothes rack that stands upright on your deck is permitted.
  5. Small sleeping tents are allowed from time to time and only with the approval from the Owner, and only allowed between the hours of 8pm to 8am. This rule is not applicable for designated campground sites.
  6. All campfires and barbeques must be properly extinguished before retiring for the evening. Burning of leaves and garden waste is specifically forbidden by city local by-laws. In the event the Fire Department issues a mandatory FIRE BAN, there will be no open flame fires, charcoal BBQ’s, charcoal fire pits, campfires permitted. Personal fireworks and Chinese lanterns are not permitted within the park.
  7. All park model/RVs must be fitted with a dry powder fire extinguisher, a fully functional smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector.
  8. Only 1 strand of lights are permitted around the trailer outside. (Max. 50 lights)
  9. Lovesick Lake Park reserves the right to make additions or deletions to these rules from time to time as it considers necessary for the general safety or proper and efficient management of the resort. In the event of behavior likely to cause offence or damage to any other user of the resort or the facilities, Lovesick Lake Park reserves the right to remove any offenders and/or the Seasonal Occupant(s) from the resort without warning. In certain cases, the Owner also reserves the right to terminate the Agreement for the Occupation of a Seasonal Occupant.
  10. Conduct in violation of Rules & Regulations and/or Conduct Act: Where the behavior of the Seasonal Occupant or other users of the park model/RV is so unreasonable as to cause other occupiers of the resort to be deprived of the enjoyment of their park models/RVs or the behavior towards Lovesick Lake Park employees is so unreasonable, shorter notice of termination of the Agreement may be given by Management. If there is evidence that a person or persons are involved in the distribution of narcotics, marijuana, acts of assault & battery, harassment, distribution of alcohol to underage persons or other acts of moral turpitude, the Owner shall in its sole discretion have the authority to evict any such persons from the premise.



  • Tents, gazebos, dining tents, painted rocks, clotheslines, bug zappers
  • chainsaws, fireworks, subletting 
  • motorized bikes, electric bikes, segways
  • Box, boat trailers and snowmobiles must be registered at the office and moved to gated storage
  • Storage around or under trailers
  • Fences (trees and hedges accepted)
  • No altering park plumbing and electrical
  • Trailers must meet certain standards set out by management ie not unsightly, moldy, poorly maintained
  • Swimming after 11 pm

 Cause for Termination of License of Occupation


Examples of activities which may be regarded as constituting a serious breach and/or unreasonable behavior and not capable of remedy:


  1. Committing a criminal offence on the resort e.g. theft, bringing unlawful drugs or firearms onto the resort or committing any assault on another person on the resort
  2. Willfully causing damage to any property on the resort whether belonging to the Owner or any other guest or park models/RVs
  3. Breaching any obligation under the License of Occupation, or Lovesick Lake Park Rules
  4. Involvement in criminal activity
  5. Habitual disregard of Lovesick Lake Park Rules
  6. Verbal/physical/sexual/written/spoken/gesture/text/email/social media harassment of any employee at the resort