About Us

Founded in 1958 by the Holmes family, Lovesick Lake Park began with only 20 tent and trailer sites along the perimeter of its beach area, as well as the Holmes family cottage and Island cottage. Then in 1979 the park was purchased by Murray and Winona Purves. By this time, the park had grown to 70 sites in total and consisted of; two rentable cottages, 50 wooden boat docks, and a gas pump for boats.

With a vision to recreate this camp's image to the clean and well maintained park that families today come from all round to enjoy, the Purves' began by creating; 20 over night camping sites, and expanded the tent and trailer park to 145 sites. Using much of the available fill and rock left over from the reconstruction of highway 28 in 1979. The new tent and trailers sites extended further into the hill, where guests could now enjoy this parks beautiful forest setting even more. During this phase and still today, the Purves' family still stays true to their park's values, one being to preserve as many trees as possible.

1983 was a year of great growth. The Purves purchased land from the Department of highways, where they began building the Gift Store and Office. Later in 1985, the family built an addition onto the building adding the restaurant, extending the building 50ft in width. This was an exciting time and by 1990 the Purves' were recreating the office and installing the security gate area, visitors now know today. Soon after this, the old docks were replaced with a complete metal docking system. One hundred and twenty boats could now be docked.

The last major projects to date began 5 years ago, that being an overhaul of the parks hydro and water systems. The overhaul involved replacing the hydro poles with a complete underground power system, too the upgrade of new water lines and filtration systems for the parks drinking water.

The family's vision for the park will always continue to grow, and the children and grandchildren are, and will always strive to maintain it. The Purves family is fortunate to have a great staff as well; together this team is full of people dedicated to this great parks mission, values and customers.