High-Speed Fibre Pricing 2021

Get Unlimited High-Speed Fibre Internet


3     Day

1  Week

1 Month

For the Season

Winter Access

5Mbps Download by 1Mbps Upload





For Cameras & Monitoring FREE (with Seasonal Packages)

10Mbps Download by 2Mbps Upload





15Mbps Download by 4Mbps Upload





25Mbps Download by 5Mbps Upload





26 to 100 Mbps





Installation: One time setup fee by ISP Technology will supply one Ubiquity Radio (antenna), one modem and all cabling including labour for $385.00.

  • All packages have unlimited usage. No data cap
  • All packages are allowed to add 6 devices for roaming park and unlimited devices at your site.
  • Seasonal packages refreshed anually on May1st 
  • All packages require  + 13% sales tax


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